1      Authority

The authority of the AMA Organisation and elected or appointed members, meeting of the women’s Representatives and any other appointed delegates or Commissions, is determinate by the By-Laws.


2     The General Assembly

The General Assembly decides on the policy of the AMA Organisation and on any matters concerning affiliations.

The General Assembly is responsible for the election of the officers of the Council and decides on any proposed amendment of the constitution.


3   The Board

The members of the board assist the council in technical problems. They may also amend the By-Laws provided that the amendment does not negate a decision of the general Assembly.

The main duties of the board are:

3-1         Recommendations and decisions on financial planning;

3-2         Recommendations on constitutional matters and By-Laws;

3-3         Recommendations on the structure of the AMA

3-4         Recommendations and decisions on technical matters especially as to the Africa Masters Championships;

3-5         Recommendations and decisions on technical matter’s 5 years age group records.


4      The Council

4-1     The Council shall normally be elected every fourth year commencing 1994.

If for any reason, there shall be no meeting of the General  Assembly in a year when election of the council is due, the existing Council shall continue in office until the next meeting of the General Assembly as if they had been appointed and elected at the meeting which was not held.

4-2         The Council shall handle the administration of the AMA according to the Constitution and By-Laws shall decide on any problem regarding the AMA. It shall implement the financial planning in accordance with the decisions taken by the Board.

4-3         Decisions by the Council must accord with the instructions of the General Assembly

4-4         The Council shall, as soon as practicable after each meeting of the General  Assembly on which election of the council is due , appoint a Statistician if he has not been appointed at the General Assembly.

4-5         In order to deal with particular matters, the council shall have the right to engage additional members and appoint Commissions whether by co-option or otherwise.

4-6         The AMA delegate to the WMA Council shall be elected by a majority among the Council members. The Council shall also elect a deputy delegate to the WMA Council.

4-7         The Council shall inform the affiliates of its principal decisions and submit to the General Assembly a report on its activities.

4-8         Decisions of the Council shall be taken on the basis of simple majority vote. The President, acting as Chairman, shall have an additional vote to break any tied vote. A quorum at any meeting of the Council shall consist of 3officers.


5   The President

The President shall be the principal Executive Officer of the AMA. He shall preside at the General Assembly and at all meetings of the board and Council. He shall be responsible for cooperation between the Commissions and the Council and shall arrange to be informed on their activities. In addition, the President shall have the right to delegate to other members of the Council the execution of any of his duties and, if necessary, he may decide on the exclusion of a member for reasons of misconduct pending the impeachment of any such member in terms of the constitution.


6    The Vice President

The Vice President shall assist the President in the execution of his duties and shall be his deputy.


7    The treasurer

The treasurer shall be responsible for the budget estimate, the administration of the property of the AMA, the operation of the bank account in the name of the AMA, the collection of the affiliations fees, the keeping of the records of the affiliates and the collection of the AMA fees from Championships other than meetings.

In addition, the treasurer shall be responsible for payments. The treasurer shall also submit a financial report for the past two years together with the Auditors’ report for the same period and the budget for the next period to the General Assembly.


8  The Technical Manager

The Technical Manager shall be responsible for the planning of competitions, the arrangement of all technical matters and for liaison between the Council and Organisers of Africa Masters Championships. He shall ensure that the Championships are conducted according to the IAAF rules as read with the constitution and rules and regulations of the WMA and with due regard to the special recommendations of the board. The Technical Manager shall also coordinate all technical matters and shall maintain liaison with the IAAF and WMA. In this context, he coordinates the work of Council and the affiliates.


9  The Secretary General

The Secretary General shall coordinate activities of the Council and the board and conduct correspondence with the affiliated countries. He shall prepare the report of the Council activities to be submitted to General Assembly and shall be responsible for dispatching timeously invitations to all meetings. He shall take minutes of all meeting of the General Assembly, the board and the Council.


10     The Women’s Representative

The Women’s Representative shall ensure that the special interests of female Masters are duly considered. For this purpose she shall organise a meeting of the women’s delegates of affiliated countries and shall act as chairperson of such a meeting. This meeting is to be held in conjunction with the Africa Masters Stadia Championships.


11    The Statistician

The Statistician shall ascertain the best performances by Africa masters athletes. He shall produce once a year statistics of the best performances in each 5 years group.


12  Women’s Assembly

The Assembly shall deal with matters of special interest to female competitors.

The Assembly shall make recommendations in this context to the board or to the General Assembly. Any female Master member of an affiliate may attend the Women’s Assembly. Any female Master member of an affiliate may attend the Women’s Assembly but each affiliate has only one vote. The Women’s Assembly elects the Women’s Representative to the board in the event that no such election is made at the General Assembly. Furthermore, proposals and recommendations from the Women’s Assembly shall be decided by a simple majority vote.


The Council has the right to appoint special Commissions, to co-opt additional members to deal with special matters. The Chairman of such Commissions shall always be a member of the Council.

14      Date of validity

These By-Laws are established by resolutions of the board effective from the 12th day of May 1994.



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